Bethel, ME

by Young Lincoln

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Zeb Mrowka
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released April 18, 2017

Engineered & Mixed by Joe Reinhart at The Headroom in Philly
Mastered by Jake Ewald at The Metal Shop in Philly



all rights reserved


Young Lincoln Thompson, Connecticut

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Guitar- Andy King
Drums- Joe Murphy
Guitar- Luke Jones
Bass- Logan Hinton

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Track Name: Frantic framing
Sweet nothings on a hammock
You were laughing as you sang
We didn't know it was the old days
The sun rose slow and we began
I would like to hold your secrets
Oh, hold my head against your chest
I was melting in the silence
But time passes, we forget

Did you hear me say
I'd do anything? I was
scared you'd walk away from me
I'm so in love

Those fields were gone when we left them
I learned that the hard way, through my
frantic framing of old 35s, their fading

We don't yell these days
We just refuse to look
each other in the face
We felt so comfortable

Can we talk like it's still last year?
Can we pretend that we're still new here?
I think I've finally found a home.
Track Name: left me
A flash, a spark, a shooting star
I saw you in a fleeting light
The black of space, impending change
Remember who we were that night?
With my hands reaching out for hands
in the dark, feet covered in sand
on the rocky path to Echo Lake
"Let's stop and take a breath"
But you make your wish and leap
through a gap between skinny trees
and all at once I'm sober as I came

You say my name
and suddenly I'm sure of it
I am sustained
in a fleeting moment's permanence
You say my name
I feel it changing right in front of me
It's all the same,
It's all the same now anyway

But when I wake, that quiet space
before I know my name again
I'll meet you there with tangled hair
as tiny bits of light descent
When the sun shines soft and golden
and it's halfway behind the earth
I will whisper to my mother, singing
"Mom, I'm home again."
Track Name: floating
When the woman's at my window
and her pretty eyes greet mine
I will slip into her loving
and wrap myself in night
Smell the memories as they're burning
a spectacle of light
Float on smoke above the mountains
and the trees I used to climb
Track Name: on
I felt your fields and how we ran in them
from all your friends, Michaela counts to ten
I think she's pretty.
I heard a song in all your loveliness
retreat to branches above rocky cliffs
They've called my name for decades
I heard it in a dream last night.

You turned and smiled for a friend you knew
The sun retreated, now you're twenty-two
and trying to remember
the things that made you feel at home.

I closed my eyes to see my name
Soft hands on my back,
the ink absorbed into the grain
Remember standing there that day
I was beaming on my mountaintop
"Just look at what we've made."
I could barely whisper but it echoed on the lake
"I'm home."

But what's an end without a dinner bell
and parents screaming
"Andy what the hell!
You've got flowers in your hair."
"I swear that's just the way they fell!"

I craned my neck to see my name
one last time before I left
The cedar smelled the same
Remember standing there that day
I was shaking as they held me,
I was born to feel this way
Meaghan's hand was on my shoulder
and I knew I couldn't stay

I was shaking at the thought of it, cursing on the steps and Chris was quiet like you should be when the truth is sinking in. I could've sworn I had a few weeks to say a quick goodbye, I've never been too good at those though, anyway I think I'm fine until I'm back up to my room, open the box of notes I kept and bracelets. Phoebe texted me last night. I guess that I'm alright, it's just that

waking up, I'm back to that first day.
Grass and gravel made me feel like things were gonna change.
Track Name: three years
Ten lies in I always wonder
"What's the fucking point?"
I'm still talking to an empty room
You're gone and I missed my flight
to Philadelphia, we've never met
I keep her on the wall
She looks so pretty far away from me.

Ten beers in I always think I've had enough
to have one more
Spend each night like it's my last:
cold and shaking on a dirty floor in Narragansett
I miss the way my parents sang at night
before the fights,
before I turned off all the lights and hit the wall.

Everyday I wonder why
I don't wanna go outside

Ten weeks in I always think I've found a reason
not to stay
I looked my family in the eyes last summer,
turned and ran away
I have a brother that I love
This whole room can hear him screaming
I remember trampolining,
feels like years to me

So I say I'm doing fine
It's okay to wake up crying
"I don't wanna go outside."

Three years feels like such a long time
till you're two weeks from the finish line
and everyone is cheering you on.

Take me back, I'm fine
and all I wanna do is fall asleep tonight
and wake between the pines
Take me back, I'm fine
Track Name: of sunsets
On golden rocks
we're listening
to the trees, the sun retreats
behind the spin
of winding clocks
and things unsaid
I can't believe it's been a year
We stare ahead
in the cold
We haven't spoken
but we both know.
Have you been standing all alone?

You move your hand
to broken glass
in a pile where we danced
in summers past
I understand
I miss the grass
sprouting independence from the cracks
to reach the sun
breathing light in
and all at once
we both close our eyes and jump

Springtime in the Maxima
I just couldn't see
why you'd hate New York so much
Now all I wanna do is jump on torn up trampolines

The voices swim
around the light
I sit peaceful in the dark,
a satellite
to the place
I changed my name
I hear moments when our voices swam the same
You felt it too
For a moment
I felt you shaking
as I stood silent, holding you

Springtime in the Maxima
I just couldn't see
why you'd hate New York so much
Now all I wanna do is jump on torn up trampolines.
Track Name: and begging
Julia, don't turn your head away like that.
Tried hard to hide your face, but last night
I sat and watched you sleeping.
Blonde hair watching Seinfeld,
I remember why I looked at you.
Julia, don't touch the fucking radio.
I'm done talking through music
and the paintings that we love.
You hate when I raise my voice so
I just stare at you

in the silence
with your head on your knees,
I heard chattering teeth
but I love the broken heat.

I'm sorry, I don't know what we're doing here.
The words we said out loud were just left
hanging in the air.
Memories drip to abstract,
I see curtains in your hair

and I'm sorry
that I didn't hold you
when you asked me to hold you,
and now I can't let go.

You jumped out the car
Said "Don't you wanna come?"
"We are who we are."
Oh I can't stop looking up.
I tried to fix the clock
You ate on the stairs
We both know we're not
going anywhere

so we drove for the night
but all you wanna do is fight

Julia that's alright
Please don't bite your tongue
I'm silent through the night
Oh I can't stop looking up
Okay, fine, you're right
I've been lying through my teeth
I still watch you sleep sometimes
Tired from enthymemes.
Track Name: the broken heat
I guess we're gonna get undressed
Try and make ourselves feel warmer again
In Bailey's Honda we can see our breath
clinging to the windows.
I drew another friend
to leave when the room's on fire
I'm a liar and it's building up
My friends ask why my knuckle's cut
"I don't know"
I guess I'll call you when I can't sleep
I'm tired of counting sheep,
dissecting everything I see

I guess we're gonna stay in bed
Try and make ourselves feel normal again
Love's dirty skin
I'll give you a distraction if you never let me in
when the room's on fire
I'm a liar and it's building up
Letting down the ones I love
and I know
I guess I'll call you when I can't sleep
I'm tired of counting sheep,
dissecting everything I choose to be.
Track Name: for tangerines
tracing in the dark
I heard you breathing
soft, like the trees in Joslin Park
how they were dancing
we peeled
the skin off tangerines
and held them
I watched you
laughing under me
Track Name: or Bethel, ME
I left all my pictures
and I'll never send a letter home
I'm a mile from my bedroom
and a smile from the ones I love
I never felt so happy,
never felt so alone
whipping on a rooftop
and listening to the wind blow
Do you wanna stay in touch, babe?
Maybe Cheerios tomorrow?
Don't tell me all your secrets
move slow.

I'm breathing
to swim back to Bethel, ME
to feel alive in the real way again
to feel that
cold rain on dirty skin
I looked at my brother
and let all the light in
The broken heat
The tangerines
you said
move slow