Young Lincoln EP

by Young Lincoln

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released January 27, 2015

Jake Silvia- bass and vocals
Andrew King- guitar and vocals
Joe Murphy- drums

Produced by Izaiah Yelle



all rights reserved


Young Lincoln Thompson, Connecticut

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Guitar- Andy King
Drums- Joe Murphy
Guitar- Luke Jones
Bass- Logan Hinton

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Track Name: Now You Know
Shake it off,
it's not goodbye
it's just so long
to a place so far away
Take it off,
cause we have one night
can we feel alright, can we feel alright?

Did I tell you I still

Drink it off
till I can't see
It's getting late
and I can't breathe
It's getting loud
here at Casey's house
You lean in close, you whisper out

Did I tell you I still,
Did I tell you I'm still here

Drinks are up,
your flight is gone
It's just so long
to a place so far away
The night is young
and this can wait
the simple things
are hard to say

Did I tell you I still,
Did I tell you I'm still here
Track Name: Six Months
And if we're being honest
I'm not sure why we're still here
The lights have all gone down now
And it's just different from last year
And ever since the ball dropped
the ice was wearing thin
And ever since that bomb dropped
I can't stop thinking of him

And so we sit in silence
with faces made of stone
I can't tell you that I love you
But I don't wanna be alone
I know he's in the back room
whenever we're in bed
I swear to god I'm listening
I didn't hear a word you said

But he makes you feel good

Tell me that it's alright
I don't wanna close my eyes
Everybody's drunk now
And Julia won't stop crying

She makes me feel good
Track Name: Colorado
When greenest shades of grass have turned to gold
Jamie took his bat and ball
and he went home to Colorado
The lights are red and blue,
they flood this house with broken promises
Empty hearts keep searching
for alcohol on New Year's Eve
Oh what a year that it has been
seventeen, they crowd my shoulders
Everyone is growing older,
Oh what a man I could have been
Leave me be,
it's been a long year
and everyone keeps asking questions
I just wanna shut my eyes
and forget all these expectations

But that'll never work

We searched for inspiration in a kiss
But all we found was cotton mouth
on our disappointed lips
and we kept it to ourselves
and we lay on vivid memories
I'm not what he was
and you're trying to get used to me, but

That'll never work

The gold turned back to green
We talked for hours about what we've seen
the world was ours at seventeen
and for tonight, this song is happy
So I took my bat and ball
and drew a foul line to the garden
and we ran around the bases
till we were back where we had started
Track Name: White Lies
Jump up,
put your feet above your head.
Drown out
every single word they said.
Half full,
put your finger to the glass
Last one,
be the one to make it last
Break down,
let the bass drum kick the floor
Big sound,
like they never heard before
Speak now
or forever hold your peace
Sing loud,
try to waste away with me.

Hot sun
makes waves before our eyes
Can't run
gonna take you for a ride
Love one
everybody needs a cure
It's all fun
bringing people far and near
Hold on
cause I think they need to know
Let's go,
bringing magic to the show
Bright eyes
make it beautiful
Bright eyes,
so wonderful

Big talk for a city street
Great night for a symphony, you write
White lies in a couple's tree
Get lost in these Boston city lights

White sand
on a beach so far away
Talk real,
taking pictures as we lay
Think back
to that tree in Goddard Park
Warm eyes
singing love into the dark