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I felt your fields and how we ran in them
from all your friends, Michaela counts to ten
I think she's pretty.
I heard a song in all your loveliness
retreat to branches above rocky cliffs
They've called my name for decades
I heard it in a dream last night.

You turned and smiled for a friend you knew
The sun retreated, now you're twenty-two
and trying to remember
the things that made you feel at home.

I closed my eyes to see my name
Soft hands on my back,
the ink absorbed into the grain
Remember standing there that day
I was beaming on my mountaintop
"Just look at what we've made."
I could barely whisper but it echoed on the lake
"I'm home."

But what's an end without a dinner bell
and parents screaming
"Andy what the hell!
You've got flowers in your hair."
"I swear that's just the way they fell!"

I craned my neck to see my name
one last time before I left
The cedar smelled the same
Remember standing there that day
I was shaking as they held me,
I was born to feel this way
Meaghan's hand was on my shoulder
and I knew I couldn't stay

I was shaking at the thought of it, cursing on the steps and Chris was quiet like you should be when the truth is sinking in. I could've sworn I had a few weeks to say a quick goodbye, I've never been too good at those though, anyway I think I'm fine until I'm back up to my room, open the box of notes I kept and bracelets. Phoebe texted me last night. I guess that I'm alright, it's just that

waking up, I'm back to that first day.
Grass and gravel made me feel like things were gonna change.


from Bethel, ME, released April 18, 2017



all rights reserved


Young Lincoln Thompson, Connecticut

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Guitar- Andy King
Drums- Joe Murphy
Guitar- Luke Jones
Bass- Logan Hinton

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